The very name 'Sithe' conjures images of a brave young war correspondent

scribbling on parchment at the front lines. Greame Sithe co-founded the student

newspaper the Hogwarts Vanguard as a First Year, and went on to make his

name with the legendary Parchment Post, the old rival to the Daily Prophet.

Sithe's dispatches from the front lines during the Goblin Wars, and his riveting

Wizard Photos of the conflict, made him one the best-known reporters of the

decade. After the war, Sithe was promoted to Foreign Desk editor and eventually

Editor -in-Chief. He continued to work as a reporter, however, and put the paper's

considerable prestige on the line when he declared Nettle's Fifth House, Jakkledon,

to be a hoax. In the wake of the Shuttered Year, Sithe backed Charlie Bagshot's

proposal to dismantle the four Houses; this position was unpopular with the

paper's readers and much of its editorial board, however, and a period of

slumping sales ended with the takeover of the Post by the larger Daily Prophet.