Infamous proponent of the so-called Fifth House, Jakkledon. While still

a student at Hogwarts, Nettle discovered, on a family trip to Turkey, the

still-debated Secret History of the House of Jakkledon. The History purported

to relate the existence of a fifth founder, and hence a fifth House, at Hogwarts.

Nettle declared himself to be a direct descendent of Mercutious Jakkledon,

and petitioned for the right to re-establish the house at Hogwarts. Most scholars

promptly declared the Secret History a fabrication, but many Slytherin alumni,

encouraged by the book's description of a brotherly bond between Jakkledon

and Salazaar Slytherin, joined with Nettle in pushing for recognition. Nettle

continued to unearth long-forgotten Jakkledon artifacts, including the silver

Helm of Sorting which, unlike the Sorting Hat, placed first years in Jakkledon

as well as the other four houses. Jakkledon was ratified, over the stern opposition

of Headmaster Silas Dyre. Dyer's reservations, of course, eventually proved well-

founded, as the rise of Jakkledon brought the House system to the edge of

collapse and led, albeit indirectly, to the cataclysm preceeding the Shuttered Year.