Brother to Alexander Last, with whom he pulled off the spectacular Gringotts

heist. Much of the trial hinged on where the money had gone, and Desmond's

brother Alexander stated under cross-examination that Desmond had built

an Interstitial Pouch, capable of constantly moving the gold to wherever you

weren't looking for it. Hundreds of wizards gathered in an attempt to look

everywhere at once, but this was, as Desmond anticipated, impossible. If Last

truly developed such a pocket, it is possible that the 11,300 million galleons

are still hidden all around us. Desmond was still a fugitive when his brother

Alexander was apprehended and brought to trial. At the end of the trial, just

as the High Discerner finished his grilling of Alexander, he turned to the

crowded courtroom, broke into a roaring laugh, and suddenly turned into

Desmond Last. Last was a Doppleganger, and had taken the form of the

prosecutor at his own trial. Alexander Last then disappeared from the witness

box; Desmond escaped in the resulting tumult and has not been seen since.