Together with his brother Desmond, Alexander pulled off the most notorious

robbery of the century, the Great Gringotts Job. Though the subsequent trial

shed some light on the crime, much remains a mystery even today. It became

quickly clear that it was an inside job, and that Last, a bookkeeper, was the inside

man. Last was somehow able to enter the 'impregnable' Gringotts vaults at will,

perhaps with the rumored 'Key of Duncan.' He also constructed a miniature model

of the entire Gringotts labyrinth from a handful of sand -- or may have. This, like

so many aspects of the case, remains conjecture. When the heist was discovered,

it was originally believed that the Brothers Last had somehow stolen all the gold

at once; it is now believed that they removed the real treasure and replaced it with

shimmertwin over a period of at least two years. Last has not been seen since the

moment that it was discovered that the Alexander Last on the witness stand at his

trial was only a shimmertwin itself, which then stood up, tipped its hat

to the gallery, flickered and disappeared.