The greatest Transfiguration Master of his era, Dyre was chosen by the Ministry

of Magic to serve as Headmaster at Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards

following the Shuttered Year of 1933. It was widely believed at the time that

Hogwarts was beyond repair, and it in no small part a tribute to Dyre's efforts

that the school flourished. Dyre later revealed that he had cast an Everwake

spell upon himself, and had worked without sleeping for two straight years.

Dyre was one of the few Slytherin voices to speak out in agreement with

Charlie Bagshot's proposal to dismantle the four-house system. Dyre was

loathe to leave Hogwarts for London, however, and was only a minor player

in the Bagshot-Bleak debates. Within three years of Dyre's appointment,

Hogwarts was accepting full classes of students again. Dyre continued to

serve as Headmaster for another eleven years; he had a great eye for talent,

and many of the professors brought in by Dyre, including celebrated

visionary Goeffrey Fretwell and astronomer Clover Polgooth ,

went on to become legends in their own rights.